Why I Am Grateful When I Fail To Follow My Calendar

I am convinced that our days are created by ourselves and they become as we planned them to be (if we plan of course). I talked about it yesterday with my mentor. Planning first, then prepare and after that do what you planned to do.

I am in training on this, by planning and preparing and always following my calendar, and I still fail every day.

Yesterday I realized that it is probably about

  1. I book too little time for my tasks
  2. I want to finish what I start before I go to the next task. (Yes, I’m a perfectionist).

The training for me is to quit when my time for the task is over, which I am still having a hard time with. I force me to book a new time in my calendar to continue and to be able to finish what I have started. This is frustrating for a person like me, but I know it will make a big difference over time.

One thing I will do as a result of my insight yesterday is to book more time for each task. Because apparently I have been too stingy about setting aside time for what I want to do.

I think that the only difference between those who are successful and those who are not successful is that those who are successful have failed more than others.

That’s WHY I Am Grateful When I Fail To Follow My Calendar

If you often fail, it is just because you are in training. You do not have the desired results yet, but one small step at a time each day will, over time, get you to the goal.

An expression I always carry with me on my road to success is:

Quitters never win – Winners never quit!

Don’t give up, you will succeed as long as you never give up!